Hydra changelog

This page does not have a record of updates or changes made to Hydra just yet.

4th March 2023

  1. Motor mounts.
    1. M5 counterbores were adjusted to fit button heads as well as socket head cap screws.
    2. Added version numbers along with L (left) R (right) B (back) labels.
  2. Motor Mounts (Front).
    1. Added built in frame braces that tie into the front 2040 uprights.
    2. Added safety bump stop to prevent carriage block from sliding off the rail.
  3. Motor Mounts (Rear).
    1. Added a printable chain that will lock the rotation of the first link.
  4. Hydra Arms
    1. Added version numbers along with L (left) R (right) B (back) labels.
  5. Hydra Arm (Rear).
    1. Added 3 heatsets on the left side for a Wago221-412 mount. The holes are spaced 20/40mm apart.
    2. Added a Wago221-412 mount that holds 3 Wago221-412’s on the left side of the arm.
  6. Hydra arm (Front).
    1. Thickened the front web pocket to stiffen the arms slightly. This should help reduce some of the side to side twisting which did not seam to affect print quality.
  7. BOM Update.
    1. Added support for m5x10 button head screws.
    2. M5 Roll in tnuts, 8 more needed.
    3. 3 More m3 heatsets are used.