Need to know

Building the Mercury One.1

Build Difficulty
Config/Electronics Difficulty
intermediate (for beginners)

Higher resolution image

Hovering an image with your mouse will show a zoom icon after opening the image you can either click ‘CLOSE’ or anywhere on the screen to close the pop-up.

Do’s and dont’s

  1. Read and execute the instructions.
  2. Got questions?
    1. Join our Discord server .
  3. Don’t just look at images.
    1. An image doesn’t explain the full story.
    2. There is text that will explain every step, read it carefully.
  4. Don’t use force, you shouldn’t have too.
    1. Make sure to not use a unreasonable amount of force.
    2. Plastic does break and flange bearings crack, would be a waste wouldn’t it?

Need more help?

Lost? Need help? Not sure? Join our Discord server , we’ve got a big community ready to help you out

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