Mercury One.1 Changelog

This page contains a list of updates that have been made to Mercury One.1. It is a record of changes and improvements that have been made over time.

19Th February 2024

Stronger fan ducts!

  1. Intergrating the fan ducts into to the bottom plate
    1. We’ve merged two parts together to create one rigid part example here.
    2. Find them in the configurator.

18Th February 2024

Release of the Mercury One.1 Build instructions!

  1. The first version of the Build Instructions
    1. Find them here.
  2. X Joints Version 1.1.6!
    1. Spacer changes
      1. Removed the thin printed spacer on the flange stack (it was not visible as it was positioned below the printed surface of the Xjoint).
      2. Example here.
    2. Shaved off a minor 0.2 mm Z offset where the top and bottom X joints meet the 2020 extrusion.
  3. Fixed rotation of Orbiter 2 top plate STL, exported at a 3 degree angle.
  4. Included the Lightweight Fysetc extrusion Endstop block by default in the configurator.

15Th August 2023

Download the new files in our Configurator or on Github.

  1. Stepper towers.
    1. Rectangular pilars pilars for the dowel pins.
    2. Different angle Chamfer on the bottom, increases printability.
    3. Changed hole size for dowel pins from 5.3mm->5.2mm.
    4. Seam relieve features, make sure to check the print standards for this!.
  2. Belt Grinding.
    1. We’ve identified an issue in our earlier models where the dowel pin might be angled, leading to belt misalignment here.
      1. Upon thorough research, this was linked to material shrinkage and differences in mass.
      2. We also identified that the seam’s placement close to the hole reduced resistance around the dowel pin area to those same forces.
  3. QOL - Front towers.
    1. Reduced the ZeroG logo depth to 0.25 for printability.
  4. QOL - Front tension plate (T-Nut)
    1. Moved the m5 holes on the plate down 1.8mmm.

It’s important to note that this update doesn’t completely resolve the belt grinding issues. Many of the persistent concerns can be traced back to the toothed idler on the stepper being misaligned. Additionally, the Creality frame’s quality control might not be the most optimal, contributing to the problem.

5Th May 2023

  1. Modified the Configurator on the Mercury One.1 Files page.
    1. Toothed idlers are now named 8.5mm/ 9mm/ 10mm.
    2. A small PDF has been added to explain which to choose.

8Th April 2023

This update brings improvements to many of the motion components, resolving some of the previous grinding problems.

  1. Version numbers, an example here.
    1. Version numbers have been added to all the key motion files (version 1.1.5).
    2. Indicators ‘L’ and ‘R’ have been added to differentiate between the left and right components for easier instalation.
  2. Front towers.
    1. Narrowed the v-slot guide to prevent it from sitting too high, improving the stability and precision of the motion.
  3. Cable management ziptie holes have been added to the motor mounts
    1. Check out the image here.
  4. New flange stack!
    1. To resolve the belt grinding issue, we have implemented a new flange stack.
      1. M5 Shim -> Bearing -> M5 Shim -> Bearing -> M5 Shim.
    2. Here is a screenshot of the new flange stack.
  5. A new tool has been introduced to help you align the flange stack with the front idlers.
    1. We’ve listened to your feedback and have created a simple and effective solution. Check out the video to see it in action!

26th December 2022

This update brings significant improvements to the extruder mounts.

  1. Replaced ALL M3 Nuts with Heatsets.
    1. The fanducts now utilize heatsets.
    2. The BLTouch and CRTouch mounts now also use heatsets.
  2. Standardized the lenght of the M3 bolts.
    1. Here is a screenshot of all the bolts required for the new EVA files.
  3. Increased the counterbore size for all M3 bolts.
  4. Printability
    1. Thin walls were corrected or removed to optimize printing.
    2. Changed some angles to make it easier to print overhangs.
  5. We modified the Sherpa mini mount to be top-mounted.
    1. Take a look at these changes here.
  6. The introduction of color coding for hardware.
    1. The CAD file now includes color-coded representations of hardware, such as bolts.
      1. Take a look at these changes here and here.

You can find the above changes in the Mercury One.1 manual.

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