Homing issues?

CoreXY Motion issue resolver

Having trouble setting the homing direction on your CoreXY system? You’re not the only one.

Why and what?

We set our CoreXY printers to home at the rear right, with endstops at the rear and right side. Some people face issues with the printer homing in the wrong direction. While Voron (inspiration) offers a useful diagram for troubleshooting, I’ve devised a simpler solution.

The tool takes your stepper_x and stepper_y config and auto-sets your pins. If the printer still doesn’t home to the rear right, there might be other issues like incorrect pins or printer settings.

How to use

This tool requiers you to be at a point in your build where you printer is homing in the wrong direction, this means you have a fully working config.

What about comments?

I intentionally removed the comments (sorry!) it’s too much effort for me to make that work ¯\(ツ)



Fully paste your [stepper_x] and [stepper_y] data in the field below. DO NOT include any other sections!
Keep in mind that this tool will remove any comments you made in the config (for now).

Printer Homing Direciton

Choose the homing direction for your printer. Be cautious to avoid any collisions with the toolhead and nozzle. Be ready freak out and shut down or emergency stop the machine if needed.

New stepper_x/y config