Klipper Macro Generator

Print start macro

We build a little tool that helps you generate your start print macro for klipper.

Ensure your bed mesh and toolhead are set up correctly. Also, verify G-code macro coordinates to stay within printer bounds. Mishaps due to improper setup or misconfigured coordinates are not our responsibility. Always be thorough!

Consider that this GCode generator is still in its experimental phase and may not always produce the desired outcomes. If you have feedback or suggestions, we’d appreciate hearing from you on our Discord server.

This start GCode does require Klipper ARCs to be enabled

This goes in your printer config file.

# Enable arcs support
resolution: 0.1
Default nozzle temp*
Set your nozzle temp low so it doesn't ooze filament this will be overwritten by your slicer when printing. If you're using a voron TAP system, set it to 150 max!
Default bed temp*
Lets say you forget to set your bed temp, what should it be by default?

The above values won't be used if your start gcode is setup in the slicer.

Part cooling fan*
Will help cool down the fan duct that could be close to the bed.
Prime line length*
How long do you want your prime line to be? Min 50mm, max depending on bed size<
Heat Soak (sec)*
Set the heatsoak duration (in seconds). If left at 0, heatsoak will not be added to the macro.
Are you using a probe attached to your toolhead?
Level the bed*
You can only level the bed if you use a system like hydra or the voron gantry.
Would you like to create a bed mesh?
Choose your slicer to generate the specific gcode.

Before you generate!

Make sure the options that you've selected are correct and fit your machine. If you do not know, join our Discord. and ask for help.

Did you enable Klipper ARCs?
# Enable arcs support
resolution: 0.1
Soo you know...
You should...
Did you do it now?
Come on! Do it now! - Arnold Schwarzenegger
This section your into your slicers start macro

Input the following Start G-Code into your slicer's 'Start G-Code' field. It's the essential first set of instructions for your printer. Without it, the printer won't recognize how to begin the print process.

Your slicer specific gcode will be generated here...

This is your GCode macro, add it to your klipper config

GCode Macro will be generated here...